14 November 2017

Tuesdays Snapshots: Rearranging for the Tree

old new worn antique vintage collected handmade grown local books
That's my aesthetic: not too precious, it is worn and enjoyed.

The pomegranates, roses, basil, and rosemary are from our garden. I placed the blooms in an empty candle bowl.  The scent was jasmine and wonderful.

Since this sofa is ten inches shorter than the last one, I can turn it. Now, I can better place the tree by the windows. It's amazing how much room was created without the rolled arms of the slipcovered one.  This one I found at a vintage pop up shop that is held once a month. 

This is my favorite time of year. Actually any time from September to April is fine, because the weather is beautiful, and I can enjoy our garden.  I hope to decorate fairly soon, so that I will have sufficient time for other events, so we pulled the stuff from storage this past weekend, and it sitting in front of the doors to the bedrooms! I've been stepping around it for a few days now.  My blog is not fixed. I turned on cookies, but now when I search the internet, I have an add popping up in a new window every time. So much fun!

As of today, Wednesday, I fixed it, and I can now comment here and on blogs I visit as well.

Thank you so much for the lovely comments.

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07 November 2017

Tuesdays Snapshots: November Decor Gathered

It seems that Tuesdays are becoming my regular day to post.
Most of the year, I tend toward seasonal decor with simplicity.
This photo showcases a pair of boxwood wreaths that are closed in the door.
Since this armoire is not opened that much, because it stores seasonal linens, I did not place a small finishing nail behind the door to keep them there.

Our collection of pumpkins that we gathered from trips to the pumpkin patch are showcased.
My favorite is the cheese pumpkin on the right and the warty apricot one, but they are all so beautiful in their subdued shades. The garland was a six dollar Target find that I repainted to go with the decor.

Here are just some fallen leaves gathered from drives up to the mountains mixed with a few nuts.

So leaves, pumpkins, nuts, apples, pears, acorns, pinecones, baskets and so on are simple things to decorate with this month.

Thank you to At Rivercrest Cottage
for featuring my French drying rack. That was so sweet and such a surprise.
I also love what her daughter did to remake a chandelier and the paint color she is featuring.

Thank you for visiting.
I still have not figured out what is wrong with my ability to comment on this blog or others.

Have a Happy Week.
Thank you for all the lovely comments and well wishes.


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31 October 2017

Tuesday Snapshots: Kitchen's Painted Update

You may or not may recall that when my husband and I remodeled this kitchen, we left the wood natural. I liked it then, but I couldn't decide on a color.  That was over four years ago now, and the natural wood yellowed and it didn't work with the lighter gray or white depending on the light on the other side. It was bugging me. 

So after some trial and error, I decided on gray.
(I actually stained them first, but didn't like it!  Then I tried a white, and I didn't like that either!
In  the end, I sanded them all down, and painted them Annie Sloan French Linen, and waxed them with white and clear wax.)

I really like how the two shades of paint seem to compliment one another now.

This time of year, it is a little bit difficult to get a great shot.  This is an old desert house, so there are carport overhangs and porch overhangs on all but one side of the house.

Even my angel received a makeover with chalk paint. You can see it the old way in one of the photos; He had turned all one color... It was not old... I bought it new some years ago...

As you can see my garden is recovering from the summer heat and starting to produce again.

I am sorry, that I did not respond to all in the last post.  It appears my commenting has changed settings or something. I comment, and I can't see them or they are disappearing into the ether.
I think others have had this problem. If you know what I need to change in settings feel free to tell me.
Thank you for reading.
I love the paint that I used, and I was not compensated.  I just like the paint.

Have a fun filled holiday today.


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24 October 2017

Tuesdays' Snapshots: the Kitchen and Library

Another month has slipped by. I've been so busy! Finishing up projects like distressing the armoire below.

Another one of these projects has to do with the kitchen.  When we remodeled this kitchen ourselves, I never decided on a paint color for the island and the cabinets by the stove.  I really didn't like how the bare wood these days is looking more yellow, and that doesn't work with the other cabinet color.
Well, I've been on it... for the past month now....
They have been stained, then one painted, white, and one blue, and then back to square one,
but now I am finishing up, and soon I will reveal what we chose. The clue is that I decided to stick with what I like. I am working on the last one, so any day now.

In the meantime, I did some small changes for the seasons.
Instead of my teacups, I hung my french pans from the shelves we made several years ago. They are usually sitting on an empty burner.  Speaking of cooking... hop on over to RJ's in the next day or so to the Sketchy Reader to enter a chance to win a cookbook . I also put away my madonna for now, and I am displaying this angel for the season.  I have had it longer than I have a  daughter.

Roses are starting to reappear in my garden, and I am bringing them into the kitchen, because I love their beauty and scent. Now that we are finally starting to dip below 100s most days roses and basil are making an appearance.

This is just a little suggestion to make a house a home.
Do you like to burn palo santo and sage?  Or, do you like essential oils? We love them, and I've had a diffuser in the kitchen for a couple of years now. Someday, I will try to remember to show our box of goodies.

And of course Christmas and the holidays are ahead soon enough.
I bought these lovely stockings from Dore at Burlapluxe, but she is now selling the pattern so that you can make them.

And just because.... Sometimes we need some whimsy... and this is the room... our Madhatter Library... It is a little over the top, and the fanciest room in this house... But in this world we need some fun, and we are fortunate; we have a room that makes us smile when we walk in, and it's the best feeling to have an  escape. We hung a better light in here. I had a smaller chandelier ceiling light, but it was not enough lighting for the evenings, so we changed that one out for this balloon shaped one, and it throws out enough light to realize what we have been missing  not been seeing.  Just as a reminder or if I have a new reader, almost everything in this room has been acquired second hand or repurposed like the bookcase that we trimmed from an entertainment unit.
And just so you know nothing is perfect here... see the jar of shells, someone through a tissue in there. xoxo Su

You can always find me on Instagram.

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18 September 2017

Cream and Coral Autumn Arrangement

When I walk in the front door, I can see all the way to the back porch, 
and this chalkboard is where the eyes rest. So, it's a great spot for an autumn arrangement!
I love coral-pink, warty pumpkins, and this year, I grabbed one while they still had them. 
I mixed it with the small cream pumpkins and a few things from the sea.
I bought the acorn garland, but painted the orange pumpkins Annie Sloan Arles.
The flowers are a coral shade of mini carnations combined with eucalyptus in a gold metal watering can.  Carnations often last a week here, but I think a bunch of baby's breath would be pretty as well.
The drawing is mine.

At night, I add a small candle.

These colors have such a beautiful pink glow at night.

It's uncomplicated, but elegant.

The other spot that is decorated was done by my daughter for her teen shed.
Ten Touches of Autumn

and my home tour

15 September 2017

Chalkpainting and Distressing an Old Table

I didn't take a before, but this table has appeared in many porch photos.
I purchased it several years ago from a second hand shop.
I wanted to refinish it at the time, because it was so flat a color, but it went reasonably well with the other chalk painted pieces.

Well, I finally decided to tackle it, after Esther (our pug) took to distressing it herself.
It ended up being a bigger project than I thought, because it turned out to be latex paint.

I ended up putting it in the yard, and the heat helped out.
It melted the surface, so I could peel and sand several layers of it off.

I began this project thinking that I wanted to see the wood, but eventually realized the two sides of the top of the table were finished differently.
I ended up chalk painting with Annie Sloan's French Linen,
 white waxing with Jeanne D' Arc, and washing some Annie Sloan Duck Egg.

I went for a little more distressed look.
Some of the primer that had been on it under the latex just didn't want to come off, and I rather like it, when it was sanded way down.

I ended up painting the tabletop in linen and washing the duck egg over the apron and legs and then white waxing the piece.

I really like it now. The old french style table sort of has a Swedish Gustavian color to it now, which I love.

I also finally got around to slightly distressing and waxing the giant armoire, but that's another post.

I was not compensated for this post. I just love these products.

Ten Touches of Autumn

Home Tour 2017

Summer Porch

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12 September 2017

Autumn Flower Arrangement

A few days ago, I was sent these beautiful roses: two dusty purple, two deep red, and two dark pink. I placed the flowers in my container after trimming the ends and setting them in a soaked floral sponge, and then filling the pitcher with water. They last longer. But, the bouquet had no fillers except for some variegated cranberry and orange lilies, and the arrangement still looked bare. So I went into the yard, snipped some branches from an olive tree and an unripe lemon branch (due to my daughter's pug) to add to the bouquet.  
You could add different fruit. For example, I thought plums would be pretty if they grew around here. Fortunately at this time of year, you should be able to find faux fruit at a hobby store.

That's all for today. Hopefully, I will be back soon with another post.  I'm getting restless. I noticed that after four years, I need to touch up the kitchen paint or at the very least wash it down. 

I recently refinished a table.

I baked some brie with apples.

We had a dog birthday party.

You can always find Butterfly and Bungalow on Instagram.

Ten Touches of Autumn

Home Tour 2017

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29 August 2017

Ten Touches of Autumn Decor

After our summer holiday, I finally meandered my way to the blog. Not that I am busy, but life has a way of happening. More about that later... Today, I begin by showing you my daughter's cottage teen shed.

My daughter rearranged her space, because she found something special! Two months ago, she saw this French style antique bed in a vintage shop. She really loved it then, but wasn't sure! At that time, she hoped  that whoever purchased it would not paint the beautiful details and inlays. Fortunately for her, when we returned from Europe, and found time for weekend window shopping, it was still there! Obviously, it was meant for her! The bed had only one owner, and the shopkeeper thought she was told that it was from the 30s, and as you can see it is mint condition.
So she paid an amazing price, and brought it home.
I can proudly tell you that the bed, the new arrangement to show off the bed, the painted side table, and the hints of autumn in her Teen She Shed were her ideas. Here I present ten touches for autumn decor.

1. Golden books... She turned the books around to showcase the pretty pages.

2. The salt lamp. When lit this lamp has a beautiful glow from pink to gold depending on the setting.
It is suppose to be good for you. She doesn't believe the part about the ions, however she thinks that the glow is up lifting.

3. Simple linens. She used touches of black and white. We have had these sheets for awhile, but the black and white take you through Thanksgiving.

4. She painted her side table Annie Sloan's Arles. She is an art history buff and this is the name of a town that Van Gogh lived in for over a year. The happy color is reminiscent of sunflowers that bloom in the southwestern autumn, the french countryside, or simply autumn leaves.

5. Natural colored baskets for storage.

6. Touches of nature:  Branches, dried orange flowers, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, nuts etcetera... are a must...

7. Tea in pretty cans displayed (Hers are in her glass cabinet.)

8. The warm glow of a fire, even if it is faux, and the heat element is turned off...

9. More books... but this time arranged in autumnal colors on a reading cart...

10. Glow and scents... This little tree casts a nice glow, but so do golden twinkle lights outside a window, and candles... Incense and essential oils are also comforting.

As I wrote in the beginning, life has a way of happening, and it is difficult to see suffering in the world and in our own country, backyard, or family.

Three of my family members happen to be safe. Though all the belongings may be gone, some were far less fortunate.
It is difficult to start over, but at some point in our lives many of us have or will start over. We all know that in the last ten years this country and individuals have been through a lot financially and naturally in the form of disasters.  Moreover: war, terror, street violence, and violence against police who put their life on the line and try to protect us...
So, when we reach with our hands to help people in our country, neighborhood, places of worship, family, or even strangers, we make our country a little better.

"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness". Desmond Tutu

Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_hope.html


My Home Tour 2017

And you can always find me at my Butterfly and Bungalow Instagram
There you will find photos of our summer travel to St. Petersburg, Russia and France.

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19 August 2017

Home Tour 2017

This is a re-share first published 3/28/17.  We were out of town for the summer with limited internet, so I hope to share here soon.
This is an older small home. 
I chose the colors based on Burano, Italy and a once neighbor who had a pink house. 
I didn't want a shade of brown house.
It looks like a beach house, but it's in the desert. I spent almost half my life in California, so it probably had some effect on the choice as well.
It is small... less than 1100 square feet, but the porch is almost 300 square feet.
The porch has no AC... You would think that would be a problem here. It's not, because there is a really thick foam roof over it and new insulation in the walls. I can leave the doors open all year round, and we can do the laundry and work out there without fainting. All I have is a fan on the ceiling. That's it.

This is what I love. When you walk in you can see all the way to the porch.  It didn't always look this way. It was a lot of work, mostly done by my husband and I over the course of four years. 
My style...
I love French country and Nordic style, but I also love Italy and the Mexican influence in the southwest.
Sometimes, you can see the influences in what is displayed.

This is the place for keys.

Living Room
Antique couch.
New table.

Antique couch.
Antique mirror.
Old candlesticks.
Newer tray.

These are not paintings, but the frames are exquisite.

This is a small kitchen. It has about 80 square feet. 
I wanted my kitchen to look Swedish or French Country. 
I love Swedish kitchens because they are small and white.
I love French kitchens because they are creamier and have texture and rougher surfaces.
I did something in between.

That's our Italian refrigerator, Swedish stove, French pans, and American mixer.

The glassware is a mix of found, new, old, and an accent of Anthropologie (no one made me say that.)

Outside the Kitchen Door in the Carport
Because it is a carport, I had to have something pretty to look at directly outside my kitchen door.

Dining Area with View to the Sleeping Porch
Presently I have Easter decor on the porch, but I change the display in front of the chalkboard seasonally.

Sleeping Porch
I drew the art and made the eggs, white pointed garland, and wreath.
The chalkboard, the console, the chair are all second hand.

A Place to Read 
Old with new and handmade again...
The walls on the porch are block bricks and wood siding all painted white.

We use this as a daybed or a spot for relatives when they come into town.
The pillows are from local shops.

One of the desk areas...  I had not shown this before.  I've had this desk sort of pushed off to the side for awhile, because I did not know what to do with it.  I love it, and I didn't want to put it in storage. One day last week, I was looking at this wall, and I thought, turn it to fit in front of the door to a bedroom that we don't use, and move the painting to this side.  Well it looks so pretty, and now it is a favorite spot! There is also a table behind the sofa for projects and a computer station and armoire by the laundry area.

On this side of the porch is the laundry, computer, and tea/coffee area and storage for towels and more books.

The Madhatter Library 
Whenever I can, I prefer a painting to a print.
I love landscapes and sometimes portraits.

Our library is a little over the top. We love Alice in Wonderland.

lots of books and lots of collectibles
Most of the furniture and accessories are second hand finds except for the Bombay chest and mantel.

Fireplace Mantel in the Library

"Master" Bedroom (more photos)

3rd Bedroom

Our One Bathroom (more photos)

We make up for lack of footage in our sheds.

The Potting Shed Entry

The Potting Shed
This room is open to the weather.

My Spouse's Office and View of the Potting Shed
My spouse has a portable AC to cool it.

The Teen She Shed

The Garden

We grow oranges, grapefruit, mandarins, Meyer lemons, tangelos, and peaches.
We also grow lettuce, tomatoes, arugula, basils, rosemary, lavender, mint, cilantro, sage, and oregano.
We also grow flowers like roses, sunflowers (in the fall though they will grow twice per year), and others.  Plus there hopefully will be a wild flower bloom. Some years it is good, some years not so good.

The pergola follow the shape of the patio, so it's curved.

That's our olive tree. 

The three amigos. My older poodle never gets involved in these adventures.

Thank you for visiting